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About Me

My Background


Ever since I can remember, I loved playing with fire, melting candles, plastic straws, Barbies; Fast forward to adulthood, and I found I could use that fascination with fire to create beautiful art and jewelry. Instead of matches, I use an oxy-acetylene torch and a giant kiln. Instead of plastic straws, I use silver, gold and glass. Although I do still like do melt a stinky straw every now and again.

My Mediums


 I work in a number of mediums, with limited formal training. Precious metals, paint, fabric, photography, paper, clay and glass. Experimentation with new materials is equally the greatest and most frustrating part of learning by trial and error. 

My Inspiration



I am inspired by shapes and colors rather than whole objects, the hard angular lines of a building, the soft curves of the human form, the repetitious pattern of a field of flowers or the flowing tentacles of a jelly fish will all evoke ideas for a new piece.