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  1. Blue and Brown Tiger Striped Bowl

    Blue and Brown Tiger Striped Bowl

    Turquoise blue tigery-stripes scallop the edges of this brown bowl with a solid brown back. The shape reminds me of a football for some reason, so I usually call them football bowls. The colors are so complimentary that I have repeated this palette in a number of plates and bowls. This is fun-ctional art at it's best.


  2. Fire Bowl-Medium

    Fire Bowl-Medium

    Deep firey reds, hot orange and yellow, and lots of dichroic flames cover this "football" shaped bowl. It is made just like the Fire Torso, only a lot smaller. It sparkles and dances in the light. The pictures do not do it justice.


  3. Gift Bag

    Gift Wrapping

    Are you giving your purchase as a gift? We box it, bag it, gift wrap, and deliver it, to the lucky recipient. Please let us know how you would like the gift card signed.


  4. Magnolia Bowl

    Magnolia Bowl

    Bright white magnolia petals float on a black background with subtle highlights of pink and yellow. Dark green leave sparkle when the light plays across the surface. It is functional art so please hand wash. Each piece is unique and this is a reliable representation, but please anticipate natural variations.

    Regular Price: $175.00

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  5. Multicolored Plate and Bowl

    Multi Colored Plate and Bowl

    These two pieces are comprised of hundreds of squares of complimentary and contrasting colors, layered upon each other three and four deep. Pieces of dichroic glass are intentionally placed around the piece to draw your eye within. The bowl is 15" and the tray is 8"x15". They are priced as a set but can be separated. They are as functional as they are captivating. Please hand wash only.


  6. Purple Squares

    Purple Square

    Beautiful purple and dichroic squares shimmer and catch the light every time the light shifts or you move it. It is 16" across. It is functional art so please hand wash.


  7. Red Poppies on a Clear Textured Bowl

    Red Poppies on a Clear Textured Bowl

    Incredibly deep red translucent poppies are scattered randomly on a clear background. This bowl is 15" in diameter and 8' deep. Since the poppies are randomly placed around the bowl, so there is no "right way" to view it. It is as functional as it is beautiful. But please hand wash only.


  8. Red Poppies on White Bowl

    Red Poppies on White Bowl

    Vivid opaque red poppies are shown standing tall on sparkling green stems set against a bright white background to highlight the dramatic contrast of vibrant colors. The bowl is 18” in diameter and has 24k gold accents on the poppies.


  9. Skyscraper Bowl

    Skyscraper Bowl

    This outstanding art bowl is 18” across and contains multicolored intense blue strips of opaque and translucent glass interspersed with brilliant dichroic and iridized glass to grab and hold your interest. Its title is Blue Skyscrapers because that is the view when standing amidst towering buildings gazing up at the sky. The stand ships with the bowl so your art work is ready to display.


  10. Spiral Bowl - Black

    Spiral Bowl - Black

    A beautiful dichroic spiral radiates out from the center of this black bowl with red rim and back. The way it catches the light and sparkles reminds me of the Milkyway galaxy on a clear night from way way outer space. The dichroic dots were fused onto the bowl at a lower temperature so they are raised dichroic beads.


  11. Spiral Bowl - Blue

    Spiral Bowl - Blue

    A beautiful dichroic Fibonacci spiral radiates out from the center of this turquoise blue bowl with solid black back. The way it catches the light and sparkles reminds me of a far off galaxy, but on a light blue background. The dichroic dots were full fused into the bowl at a higher temperature so they are smooth and flush.


  12. Spiral Bowl - Blue Frit

    Spiral Bowl - Blue Frit

    Full fused blue frit spirals radiates out from the center of this clear bowl. What is it with me and spirals? I don't know, but I can't get enough of them. "Frit" is small pieces of glass or powdered glass, that can be sprinkled, mixed with other colored frit, mixed with a viscous medium and piped, or used any number of ways, only limited by your imagination. In this bowl it has been sprinkled and shaped intoa spiral and then full fused at a high temperature so it is becomes part of the glass it was sprinkled on.


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